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Band Monthly Payment Plan

A to G Music requires an online reservation.  Monthly rental prices for online reservations are discounted 10% from the price charged in store.  Besides a discount on the monthly rent, you receive a larger discount on the supply kit and music stand, and you save time in picking up the instrument with curbside service!  

This reservation also processes your contract.   Thank you for your understanding and support!

  • Low Monthly Payments with 100% of your monthly payment going towards the purchase of the instrument.
  • A 20% Early Payoff discount off your balance anytime! 
  • This is a Rent-To-Own Plan with no more than 36 payments
  • You can return the instrument at anytime without any future obligation, but all payments will be considered rent.
  • Two Maintenance plans are available:
    • Limited Maintenance is provided as part of this plan for minor adjustments. We do not cover destruction or loss of the instrument.
    • Optional Maintenance Repair and Replacement plan available for $5.95

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School Rental - Clarinet

School Rental - Clarinet

$65.98 is for the first 2 months. After processing the payment for the first 2 months, a C..

$65.98 $73.30

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