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  • Bastien Piano Basics Set - Level 4

Never before, nor since, has there been a piano method as easy to follow, as pedagogically sound, as exciting to look at&, as musical to play - and as well-designed for motivation, achievement, and success as BASTIEN PIANO BASICS.

The Bastien Piano Basics method is comprised of four completely correlated course books — PIANO, THEORY, PERFORMANCE,  and TECHNIC. Bastien Piano Basics uses a gradual multi-key approach, with reading beginning in the C five-finger position. Five levels of carefully graded lesson material provide constant opportunities for reinforcing basic concepts. It's the smoothest,most heart-warming, most entertaining, most musical way to teach eager youngsters the joys of playing the piano. And comprehensive, page-by-page correlation makes Bastien Piano Basics remarkably easy to teach!

Level 4 Set:

Level 4 of the Piano Series presents the overlapping pedal&comma 1st and 2nd inversion triads&comma sixteenth notes&comma dotted eigth notes&comma altered intervals&comma augmented and diminished triads&comma syncopation&comma parallel major and minor scales&comma grace notes&comma and the keys of G-flat&comma B-flat&comma and B. Level 4 of the Theory Series presents theory material correlated with Piano. Level 4 of the Technic Series contains technical drills and studies from Gurlitt&comma Schmitt&comma Schytte&comma Lemoine&comma Czerny&comma and Bastien. Level 4 of the Performance Series contains 18 supplementary pieces correlated with Piano.

Bastien Piano Basics Set - Level 4

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