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  • Alfred's Music for Little Mozarts - Level 4 Set
This 4-book set contains:
  • Lesson Book 4 (ISBN 0739006509)- sharps and flats; crescendo and diminuendo; G position
  • Workbook 4 (ISBN 0739006517)- coloring, tracing, matching, ear training, listening to reinforce musical concepts
  • Discovery Book 4 (ISBN 0739006525)- experience music through singing, movement and rhythm activities
  • Flash Cards, Level 4 (ISBN 0739006533)- musical symbols, rhythm patterns; musical terms, keys on keyboard, notes

This piano course by Alfred Music Publishing is designed to bring out the music in every young child.

Lesson Book 4 (17186) is the last in the Music for Little Mozarts series. After a review, the new concepts taught are: Flat and sharp sign; Tie; Crescendo and diminuendo. After reviewing C position and Middle C position, G position is taught. All three positions are used alternately throughout the rest of the book, with flat and sharp notes incorporated. When the student is finished with Lesson Book 4, he/she moves either into Alfred's Basic Piano Library, Prep Course, Level C or Alfred's Premier Piano Course, Level 1B. 

The Music Workbook 4 (17187)  contains pages of coloring, tracing, matching, ear training and listening that have been carefully designed to reinforce the musical concepts introduced in the Music Lesson Book 4. In full color, 48 pages.

The unique Music Discovery Book 4 (17188) contains songs that allow the students to experience music through singing, movement and rhythm activities. Music appreciation is fostered through carefully chosen music; Brahms, Chopin, Elgar, Tchaikovsky and Verdi are introduced. Melodies to sing, using either solfege or letter names, help students learn to match pitch and discover tonal elements of music. Familiar songs include Head and Shoulders, Hush, Little Baby and She'll be Comin' 'Round the Mountain. Correlates to the Music Lesson Book 4. Full color, 48 pages.

Flash Cards (17189) reinforce concepts as they are presented in the Music Lesson Book 1. Each card contains a musical symbol or rhythm pattern for the student to identify. Included on the cards are musical terms, keys on the keyboard, notes and rests, rhythm patterns, notes on the staff, steps and skips, intervals on the keyboard, and melodic and harmonic intervals on the staff. The back of the cards contain questions to ask the student about the information on the front of the card. Answers are provided, making the cards easy to use for parents with limited musical backgrounds.

Alfred's Music for Little Mozarts - Level 4 Set

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