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A to G Music Rental FAQ

A to G Music's Covid-19 procedure's require on online reservation this year.  This reservation also processes your contract.  Due to space restrictions and the volume of guests during this time, we are providing Curbside Service only.  If you haven't processed an application before arriving, you will be asked to do so from your car.  We do have tablet's available to assist with this process.  Thank you for your understanding and support!

Are there any benefits to reserving online?

  • Online Reservations include the following benefits:
    • 50% Discount towards basic Black Music Stand with Bag purchased at time of online reservation. (Discount included in stated online price)
    • 20% discount on Supply Kits for the rented / reserved instrument (Discount included in stated online price)
    • First payment date extended until 12/26 no matter when in September you reserve and pick up your instrument! That's up to 4 months before your 1st monthly payment!

We just reserved our instrument online. What happens next?

  • You will be emailed a confirmation of your reservation from info@a-to-gmusic.com with links to download the backpage of the contract and information regarding the care and maintenance of your students information.
  • You will be emailed a copy of your contract for your records from donotreply@a-to-gmusic.com .
  • After receipt of your contract email, come on in anytime during our open hours (Click here for hours). Be sure to bring your license and blank check or credit card for autopay enrollment.
  • Pick-up the instrument with your student. We will enroll you for auto payments, go over your instrument with you and answer any questions you might have.

We want to come in to rent without reserving online. What can we expect?

  • Instore rentals include the following benefits:
    • $6 Discount towards basic Black Music Stand with Bag purchased at time of rental.
    • 15% discount on Supply Kits for the rented instrument.
    • First payment date is 3 months after you pick up your instrument!
  • Come on in during open hours to rent your instrument. Be sure to bring in your student! We will go over some pointers with you on instrument care and assembly.
  • Be sure to bring your license and blank check or credit card for autopay enrollment.
  • We will process a rental contract and collect the Trial Period payment along with any other supplies purchased.
  • Copies of your receipts and contract will be emailed to you from donotreply@a-to-gmusic.com.

What brand of instruments does A to G Music rent?

  • Only School District Approved Instruments at a competitive price.
    • Band Instrument brands include Bach, Besson, Buffet, Selmer, Armstrong, Ludwig
    • Orchestra Instrument brands include Krutz, KC Strings, Scherl & Roth, Knilling

Is there a special priced Trial Period?
  • We offer a three month trial period for one low price (three months for the price of 2) for new students starting in a school program.

What kind of rental plans does A to G Music offer?
  • There are three plans to choose from to help fit your needs.
    • All plans include:
      • You can return the instrument at anytime without any future obligation, but all payments will be considered rent.
      • We understand that students sometimes need to change instruments. We are glad to work with you, but trades can only be Band Instrument to Band Instrument or String Instrument to String Instrument.
      • There is a 3 Month Trial Period Payment at the beginning of the rental contract. (3 Months for the price of 2!)
    • Rent to own plan
      • For band instruments and full size orchestra instruments
      • 100% of your monthly payments earning credit towards the purchase of your your instrument.
      • Plans are priced to payoff your instrument within 36 payments.
    • Orchestra Rental Plan with 80% Equity
      • Sub-Size Instrumnet Rental Plan with 80% of your monthly payments earning credit towards the purchase of a full size string instrument.
      • This is a rental program only.
      • When the player out-grows his/her sub-size string instrument, bring it in to the store and we will trade it for the next size up.* You retain any equity that you have earned.
    • School Year
      • Rent Only Plan. (Limited Availability)
      • Lowest cost of rental with no credit towards ownership.
      • This plan is designed for families that only need an instrument for 1-2 years.

How often will I receive emails from A to G Music?
  • Email receipts are sent with each payment processed for your rental, usually once a month.
  • If payments are declined, you will receive email notices advising you the decline.
  • Emails will come from info@a-to-gmusic.comor donotreply@a-to-gmusic.com. Please set you spam filter to accept these emails or emails from a-to-gmusic.com.
  • You will receive an occassional promotional email from a-to-gmusic.com about products and services from our store only.
  • You can opt out from these by calling the store at 763-420-5500 or replying to our email. If you do, all emails, including receipts and account notifications will stop.