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Worry Free Service / Maintenance Plans

 Worry-Free Maintenance Plan

All instruments require regular maintenance to stay in proper playing condition. For a small monthly fee, our optional Repair & Maintenance plan covers the cost of necessary repairs and provides an instrument on loan while repairs are in progress. We employ certified instrument technicians, and our service is fast, reliable, and guaranteed!

Service Agreement

Service - All adjustments and repairs will be made to keep the instrument in proper playing condition. Work must be performed by A to G Music, INC’s technicians.  Contract must be current at time of repair.

Coverage does not include – Replacement of expendable accessories such as reeds, lyres, cleaning equipment, drum heads, drumsticks, strings, removal of minor dents that do not affect playing quality, restoration of finishes, damage done by unskilled persons attempting repairs, or any malicious damage.. All repairs, parts, & replacement must be handled by A to G Music, INC. No reimbursements will be made for service or parts procured from other sources.

What happens if I return the instrument and there had been a damage / repair claim? Plan services are provided at significant discounts under a rental contract period.  However, under the monthly pay option, services may have been performed that have not been fully paid for.   In this situation the client is responsible for the remaining payments of the contract term or the full retail value for services or discounts used under the plan less payments made (whichever is less). 


Basic Free Plan

Optional Service Plan

Cost per Month



Stuck mouthpieces / slides, adjustments, pads, corks and damage that affects playability.

Only Stuck Mouthpieces and minor adjustments

Fully Covered

Annual Brass Instrument Chemical Cleaning.

10% Discount

50% Discount

Broken Bows, Bridges, and Strings are subject to plan limitations. Free labor Resetting fallen bridges, separated finger boards, on string changes and tunings.

25% discount on Bridges and Bows. 10% discount on Strings.

Covered. 1 Bridge and bow during contract. Up to 2 strings per year for free, 10% discount on strings after that.

In the case of Fire or Theft, a police or fire report is required for replacement.

Replacements will be of similar age and quality of reported instrument. Contract must be current at time of reported Theft or Loss.

Not Covered.


Loaners are provided while the instrument is being repaired.

$5 until 4 days after notification of repair completed. $10 per week thereafter.

Free until 4 days after notification of repair completed. $10 per week thereafter.