Orchestra Rental Plan with 80% Equity

2017 Online Rental Coupon

Low Monthly Payments with 80% of your payment going towards the purchase of a full-size instrument.

  • You can trade / upgrade your A to G Rental Instrument to another string instrument. Trades can only be Band Instrument to Band Instrument or String Instrument to String Instrument.*
  • You can return the instrument at anytime without any future obligation, but all payments will be considered rent.*
  • When the player out-grows his/her sub-size string instrument, bring it in to the store and we will trade it for the next size up.* You retain any equity that you have earned.
  • Basic Maintenance is provided as part of this plan. We do not cover destruction or loss of the instrument.*

*If the instrument is broken or is in need of major repairs (repairs required for it to be play-able), you may be required to pay for the repair.

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